• Automated calculations
  • Automated "survey results"
  • Automatic ACCRA/COLA calculations
  • CGCS EduPortal® access with one-click access
  • Export district's raw survey data in Excel
  • Floating data/demographics text box
  • Functional group EKG by year
  • Measure narratives
  • Online raw data survey input
  • Print screen instructions
  • Prior year's raw data in surveys
  • Predictive data modeling
  • Sorting tool for graphs
  • User registration and management
  • Updated web application
  • View Year-over-Year Trending for Individual Measures
  • Compare District Performance to CGCS and Non-Council Districts
  • Easily Identify Quartiles using new Interactive, Color-Coded EKG Graph
  • Select Measures directly from Interactive, Color-Coded EKG Graph
  • Use Interactive Zoom Tool for Graphs and EKG
  • Export graphs/narratives into Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Create and Print Customized Reports using Report Wizard
  • Print and Save Complete Department KPI Report
  • Print and Save Favorites KPI Report
  • Identify Peer Districts and Apply in Filters (narrow results to Peer Districts)
  • Create Personal Preferences including Default Demographic Settings
  • Export graphs to .xls, .png and .pdf
  • Create and Save Favorite KPI Measures
  • iPad/Tablet Enabled
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Framework: Wheels 1.1.5
CFML Engine: Adobe ColdFusion 9,0,1,274733
Default Data Source: www_manage4results_org
Active Environment: Design
URL Rewriting: On
URL Obfuscation: Off
Plugins: None
Route: pms
Controller: Main
Action: perf
Additional Params: None
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Execution Time: 31ms (view ~16ms, action ~16ms)